Working Energy
Working Energy

About Working Energy

Working Energy is Enserva’s innovative job-matching platform that connects skilled workers with energy companies seeking specific skills and credentials.

Where Innovation Drives Connection

At Enserva, we pride ourselves in leading the transformation of the industry talent pool. By leveraging advanced technologies and enhancing our face-to-face interactions with potential applicants, we're on a transformative path to connecting real people to real opportunities.


Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

Through our innovative platform and extensive collaboration network, we cultivate an ecosystem that fosters meaningful connections and propels careers to new heights.


Unlocking New Talent Pathways With Our Collaborative Network

Enserva pro-actively builds relationships with universities, colleges, immigrant associations, and other groups to unlock new talent networks.

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Clear Training Path

We're dedicated to empowering new talent by providing them with the practical skills they need to jumpstart their careers in the energy sector. Our comprehensive training center offers a range of courses that equip individuals with hands-on knowledge and expertise, making them well-prepared for the demands of the industry. From safety protocols to specialized skills, our training programs ensure that newcomers have the tools and confidence to pursue rewarding opportunities and excel in their chosen path within the energy sector.

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