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Spring Breakup

May 21, 2024 Working Energy

What is Spring Breakup and how does it affect my work schedule?

If you work on a rig crew, your work schedule and income could be impacted by the Spring Breakup period.

"Spring Breakup" refers to a period when the relocation of rigs to new work sites is halted due to road bans. These bans are enforced when the snow melts and roads become too muddy for safe travel.

The rig operations are paused and employees are released until the bans are lifted. Depending on weather conditions and work levels, this break can last from six weeks to three months, typically starting in late February and extending until early June. Some companies may continue to compensate their crews, while others may not provide pay during their time off.

At Working Energy, we understand the challenges this places on work crews. Therefore, we've designed the Working Energy Portal to enable applicants add Availability Periods to their profiles.

During Spring Breakup, many companies need temporary work crews with similar skills for facility shutdowns and other short-term projects.

The Ability Periods feature facilitates the connection between available workers and companies. It assists companies in recruiting the skilled workers they need, while also ensuring workers find consistent work while waiting for road bans to lift.

This feature is just one of the many ways that Working Energy is revolutionizing the way people find lasting and fulfilling careers in the Canadian Energy business.

Create your profile today!

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