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Career Roadmap

Career Roadmap & Training

Your Guide to a Thriving Career in the Canadian Energy Industry

Embark on an exciting career journey in the thriving Canadian Oil & Gas Industry. This platform is your ultimate guide to understanding the various career paths, training, and education routes available, and the steps to thrive in each of them. Whether you're at the beginning of your career, seeking advancement, or looking to share your wisdom, we've got you covered.


FAQs and Things You Should Know

Discover essential information and frequently asked questions about working in the Canadian Energy Industry.

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Skilled Labour

Skilled Labourers

Want to work as a skilled labourer in Canada's Energy Industry? We'll guide you through the necessary training, skills, and experiences needed for career advancement. Explore sample job roles and see how to elevate your career.



Starting your journey as a technician or looking to get a trade? Get the lowdown on the education, training, and competencies you need to thrive. Browse sample jobs and find out how to take your career to the next level.

The National Safety Association for Canada's Energy Industry

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Energy Safety Canada

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Energy Safety Canada
Sales & Business Development

Sales and Business Development

Interested in the business side of the industry? Learn what it takes to launch a successful career in sales and business development. Find out how to climb the corporate ladder and grow a rewarding career.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Personnel

If your passion lies in ensuring the well-being of others, we can help you understand the prerequisites for starting a career in health and safety. Learn the necessary training, skills, and experiences needed for career advancement in health and safety, explore various job roles, and understand how to elevate your career in this field.

Analyst or Financial Professional

Analysts & Financial Professionals

Interested in leveraging your skills as an analyst or financial professional in the energy industry? Discover the training and skills required, and the potential growth opportunities that could be available to you. Understand how you can guide future analysts and build a lasting legacy in the energy sector.

Engineer & Geologist

Engineers & Geologists

Are you an engineer or geologist interested in pursuing a career in the Canadian energy sector? Discover the required training, Canadian credentials, and potential career advancement opportunities. Make a significant contribution to the energy industry.

Environment, Sustainability & Remediation Personnel

Environment, Sustainability & Remediation Personnel

We can assist you in understanding the prerequisites for starting a career in environment, sustainability, and remediation in the Canadian energy industry. Learn about the necessary training, skills, and experiences needed for career advancement in this field, explore various job roles, and understand how to enhance your career in this important sector.