Working Energy


companySPM Oil & Gas Canada Ltd
locationClairmont, AB T0H, Canada
Start date: - End date:Start date: - End date:: Start date: 5/14/2024 - End date: 5/28/2024
Full time
Less than 2 years

SPM Oil & Gas currently has an opening for a Pump Mechanic. The sole purpose of the Pump Mechanic is to assemble, service, maintain, evaluate, repair, and install reciprocating plunger pumps to include but not limited to gear boxes, power end assemblies and fluid end assemblies.

Key Responsibilities Including but not limited to:

  • At SPM Oil & Gas, our primary objective is to provide our customers with excellent engineering solutions through our products and superior customer service
  • Effectively always demonstrate the core values of SPM Oil and Gas
  • Follow all written policies and procedures safely without deviation or refer to upper management for guidance
  • Incumbent must complete CMV training and have the ability to operate a forklift & crane after training
  • Exhibit and always advocate exemplary safety culture
  • Demonstrate consistency, accountability, reliability, and solid work ethic
  • Exhibit a high degree of integrity at all times
  • Assist during the disassemble phase
  • Clean, strip and inspect all required components
  • Prepare for detailed inspections
  • Demonstrated ability of the disassembly of pump products per (SOP) Standard Operating
  • Can comprehend Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Risk Assessments
  • Ability to identify product
  • Assist with rebuild of all components (Mentor program)
  • Utilize measuring equipment: (Torque wrenches, Inside/Outside Calibers, Linear Calibers)
  • Pumps install on unit
  • Fluid end tear down and rebuilds
  • Troubleshoot, Disassemble, and Perform a detailed evaluation to determine repair needs and root cause analysis for the following: (TWS 2250, QWS 2500, TWS 600 short 600 standard 1000)
  • Operate and utilize various hand and pneumatic tools
  • Submit list of corrective needs and associated materials
  • Clean and remove debris in preparation for re-assembly
  • Document serial numbers, part numbers and heat codes as required per SOP
  • Follow SOP’s for proper assembly while adhering to engineering specifications
  • Assemble all components ensuring alignment and proper fit before bolting, screwing or pressing together
  • Install various moving parts such as plungers, pins and bearings making sure to test for free movement
  • Operate forklift to move materials between work centers
  • Operate acetylene torch and perform hot work
  • Utilize all required PPE
  • Verify conformance to specifications
  • Maintain clean and safe work area
  • Performs other routine duties as requested

Required education level

  • High school diploma 

Years of experience

  • Less than 2 years

Required languages

  • English
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