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companySPM Oil & Gas Canada Ltd
locationGreater Sudbury, ON, Canada
Start date: - End date:Start date: - End date:: Start date: 5/14/2024 - End date: 5/18/2024
Operations / Facilities / Pipelines
Full time

We are seeking motivated and versatile individuals to join our team to be based near Sudbury, Ontario working with a key customer at their remote mine. This role’s roster will align to that of our customers and may adjust based on which project you are currently focused on. As part of our onboarding process, you will go through a robust training program where you will learn all aspects of system operation, troubleshooting and application of autonomy to a mining environment.  Once you complete this training program, you will be well-positioned to support our customers in optimizing system performance.

This role provides the opportunity to work along-side the world’s leading mining companies. Autonomy is a sophisticated investment, and the customers that use it are equally cutting-edge. This position gives management exposure to entry-level positions, as mining companies look to Caterpillar expertise to advise as best practices are implemented and new procedures are developed.

With a global company like Caterpillar, there are international opportunities available. MineStar® Command is utilized in three different continents and has support facilities all over the world. Training and operational experience is enriched by global site visits and international collaboration.

Once you complete your training program, your job duties may include (but are not limited to):

  • Become a trusted advisor for the customer through close collaboration with the mining sector.
  • Support MineStar® Command operations.
  • Support and advise MineStar® Command Office Supervisors, Builders, Controllers and Pit Technicians in all aspects of Minestar® system performance, including minimizing downtime.
  • Provide technical support to MineStar® Command System on-board maintenance Supervisors and Technicians.
  • Support hardware and software installation and configuration through establishing Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes.
  • Measure, benchmark and report on MineStar® Command System performance, and suggest opportunities for improvements.
  • Developing training and process material.
  • Drive customer recognition of the value of product feature design, improved processes, and change management.
  • Increasing product-positioning knowledge for Caterpillar and providing feedback on product features/benefits.
  • Identifying and documenting job/application profiles based on field observation while working with customers.
  • Improving the industry’s perception of Caterpillar and participating in related mining associations.
  • Training program is tailored to the individual, which may include classroom training, on the job training and mentoring.
  • Application Specialists work 7 x 7day shift and night shift roster. 
  • This is a Drive in Drive-out (DIDO) position from Timmins or Sudbury, ON to the mine site.

Required languages

  • English
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