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Working Energy

Recruiting Redefined: Your solution to the energy sector’s talent shortage.

Talent Acquisition

A better way to find talent

Unlocking Opportunities: How Our Platform Benefits Employers

Expanded Talent Pool

Gain access to a broader and more diverse pool of skilled workers, including newcomers, women, Indigenous people, and new graduates.

Industry specific Candidate Matching

Our platform employs advanced algorithms to ensure that candidates' skills perfectly align with your job vacancies, saving time and reducing mismatches.

Streamlined Recruitment

Simplify your hiring process with tools that allow candidates to upload certifications directly, facilitating pre-qualification and eliminating administrative hassles.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Promote diversity and inclusion by connecting with candidates from various backgrounds and experiences, enhancing your team's creativity and performance.

Working Energy Portal

Career Guidance and Training Pathways

Working Energy not only connects job seekers with employers but also acts as a guide for newcomers to the industry. Our platform provides valuable insights into the training pathways required to excel in the energy sector, helping individuals chart their course toward securing jobs within the industry.

Training Suggestions

Recommended training paths for new workers

Quick-Apply Ready

Simplified applicant workflows